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 Our Process

Our Process

Here's what you can expect when you contact Modern Wood, LLC to craft your top-quality and affordable custom furniture:

  1. Consultation
    Martin Lach, Modern Wood's owner and principal designer, will meet with you to discuss what kind of customized furniture you are looking to create. He will help you figure out how to make the most from your budget and create a production schedule that is both realistic and as expeditious as possible.

  2. Design
    Good design is about making things work together beautifully and harmoniously. Modern Wood has years of design experience to help bring whatever you imagine to life.

  3. Material Selection
    What materials will work best both aesthetically and functionally? Modern Wood's experts will guide you in the selection of the right materials for your project.

  4. Fabrication and Restoration
    The craftspeople of Modern Wood are experts with new fabrications as well as restoring existing pieces.

  5. Delivery and Installation
    Modern Wood will deliver and install your finished furniture piece and make certain that it becomes a cherished and admired part of your home or business.

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